LEGO discounts are here! The winter sales are throwing up plenty of great offers on LEGO sets of all kinds, whether you're getting organised by buying some very early Christmas presents, or are looking to put a smile on someone's face.


Luckily for you, the team have been picking out the best deals to save you time and money.

LEGO produces a frankly mind-boggling amount of sets, with toys for kids and huge projects for grown-ups both on offer. To help you select a great LEGO treat or gift, we've picked out some of the best discounted LEGO sets available right now.

There's something for everyone thanks to the wide variety of pop culture brands and themes available – from Batman and Stranger Things to Harry Potter and Frozen. But unfortunately, many of the sets are expensive - you can easily spend hundreds of pounds on some of the premium packages. With that in mind, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for deals and promotions that can be found online.

Whether it’s for a family fun day or a birthday present, this guide will break down the best LEGO deals and cheap LEGO sets available now via retailers including Amazon, Argos and more. If you don’t want to manually search each website, make sure to bookmark this page as we will be updating it with the latest stock and prices.

Best LEGO 2023 deals at a glance

Best LEGO 2023 deals available from UK retailers now

LEGO Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy advent calendar | £29.99 £20.99 (save £9 or 30%)

This advent calendar is perfect for Marvel fans. It includes a variety of exciting mini figures such as Groot, Starlord, Mantis, Rocket and more!

There are 24 doors and each hides another Marvel-inspired LEGO figure, making it the perfect seasonal gift for a Guardians of the Galaxy fan.

LEGO Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy advent calendar | £29.99 £20.99 (save £9 or 30%) at LEGO

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Starship | £149.99 £134.99 (save £15 or 10%)

Lego Millenium falcon

Set off to a galaxy far, far away with this lego set of the iconic Millennium Falcon, with movable parts and lasers to fire.

The set is complete with figures of Finn, Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, Boolio, C-3PO, R2-D2 and D-O - the ultimate set for any Star Wars fan.

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Starship | £149.99 £134.99 (save £15 or 10%) at Amazon

LEGO Disney Avatar Floating Mountains | £89.99 £71.99 (save £18 or 20%)


The new Avatar movie, The Way of Water, is out - and this is a great set to get children's minds inspired.

Suitable for those over the age of nine, this set includes a LEGO helicopter, Avatar Site 23 lab, five figurines and a Direhorse figure. Made for playing as well as displaying, this set allows children to act out the scenes from the films or create their own moments of action on Pandora.

LEGO Disney Avatar Floating Mountains | £89.99 £71.99 (save £18 or 20%) at Very

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LEGO City Wildlife Rescue Operation | £79.99 £74.95 (save £5.04 or 6%)

The City range is a classic series, and this model of a wildlife rescue operation has a wide variety of minifigures and accessories sure to help your child’s imagination run wild, including an elephant, calf, crocodile, monkeys and four rescue workers. There is even a LEGO helicopter that has a working winch, rotors and cargo bay.

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LEGO City Wildlife Rescue Operation | £79.99 £74.95 (save £5.04 or 6%) at LEGO

LEGO Marvel The Eternals In Arishem’s Shadow | £59.99 £41.99 (save £18 or 30%)

Lego eternals

Everyone loves a team up, right? For those who want to pit their superheroes against an unstoppable force, check out this set from the Marvel movie Eternals.

The kit includes four heroes and two villains, including an enormous Anisherim figure with light-up bricks and working hands that can grab.

LEGO Marvel The Eternals | £59.99 £41.99 (save £18 or 30%) at LEGO

LEGO Luigi's Mansion Haunt-and-Seek Expansion Set | £69.99 £48.99 (save £21 or 30%)


If you or someone you know has already got the LEGO Adventures with Luigi Starter Course, this set is a way to enhance the experience.

This is one of the last chances to get your hands on this set as it's retiring soon. The 800 plus piece set is designed for children aged eight and above, and includes a rotating central hallway, four figurines and three hidden gems.

LEGO Luigi's Mansion Haunt-and-Seek Expansion Set | £69.99 £48.99 (save £21 or 30%) at LEGO

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Tower | £89.99 £84.99 (save £5 or 6%)

Enter the wizarding world with this Harry Potter set of the Hogwarts Clock Tower, featuring classic locations such as Dumbledore’s Office and a Yule Ball scene, alongside well-loved characters from the movies: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fleur, Cedric, Viktor, Dumbledore and Madame Maxime. This set is 9+.

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LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Tower89.99 £84.99 (save £5 or 6%)


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