We have a new LEGO game to enjoy in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, and if you were wondering how good it is, it has taken a nice, high spot on this ranking list which should give you a fairly good idea of the kind of treat you are in for when you start playing it.


But when it comes to ranking, there is no shortage of games from the LEGO franchise to choose from. Some of the biggest IPs out there have had the LEGO treatment, from the aforementioned Star Wars to Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones and many others.

And one of the reasons the games are so popular is that they have a level of humour that help to elevate them over other properties, and it helps that the gameplay is usually great fun too. But what are the best LEGO games out there that you can play?

Here are our picks for the best 11 LEGO games!

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11. LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures


As mentioned, the LEGO games have taken some of the biggest franchises around and planted them in the LEGO world, and one of the earliest was 2008's Indiana Jones game - and what a game it was. Taking the stories of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, and The Last Crusade (sorry if there are any Crystal Skull fans), this may feel dated now but even then it remains great fun.

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10. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean


It is quite impressive how LEGO managed to perfectly capture the tone of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie with this game but capture it they did! Characters, tone, setting and everything else from the film is recreated here with care and love for the source material and it shows.

The movies may have lost their bite as they went on, but they did at least get a solid LEGO game out of the first one.

Buy now at Amazon for £21.94

9. LEGO City Undercover


It is not just popular movie IPs that get the LEGO game treatment, although technically the setting for this one does come from a film - the first big-screen LEGO Movie that featured the voice of Chris Pratt in the lead.

Here you play in LEGO City as detective Chase McCain who is on a mission to infiltrate LEGO City’s top criminal gangs to try to put a stop to crime once and for all.

Buy now at GAME for £14.99

8. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2


See some of your Marvel favourites as they take on the LEGO look - and there are many accounted for including the likes of Rocket, Groot, Hulk and Spider-Gwen. A slight downside is that some big players have been removed due to copyright (see ya, X-Men) but there are enough left to still make this a top-tier LEGO game

Buy now at GAME for £19.9

7. LEGO Jurassic World


Life finds a way, as do the makers of the LEGO games when it comes to adapting hit franchises. The Jurassic Park series rose from extinction with Jurassic World, and it did not take long for LEGO to get in on the fun and give us its own version.

But it's gone one better by putting the three movies that proceeded it in here too - so a ton of dino fun awaits!

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6. LEGO The Incredibles


Pixar blew us all away when they unleashed The Incredibles (and its first-rate sequel) on us, and we were just as happy to see that the LEGO game version of the superhero family was just as fun as the hype surrounding it led us to think.

Both movies get the LEGO treatment in this game and a large reason it is so good is the fun to be had with the characters - and there are some other surprise Pixar favourites that make appearances too...

Buy now at Amazon for £13.59

5. LEGO The Lord of the Rings


Still one of the most epic tales ever told, and with a new Amazon TV series on the way, The Lord of the Rings has stood the test of time - and made it into a LEGO game. It is a brilliant game too with the world of Middle-earth being a great fit for a brick style transformation. And for fans of The Hobbit, the LEGO adaptation of that nearly made our list too, so it's worth checking that one out if you enjoy your time with this one.

Buy now at GAME for £14.99 or at Amazon (various prices)

4. LEGO DC Super Villains


LEGO DC Super Villains is one of the most beloved games in the series of LEGO games and one of the reasons is that comic book characters are the ideal fit for transforming into brick form.

The games are always known for their humour, but this is one of the funniest to date with all of the characters being hilarious - but a special mention must go to Joker who almost steals the entire thing.

Buy now at GAME for £9.99

3. LEGO Harry Potter Collection


OK, so Voldemort looks too sweet in LEGO form to be that menacing but that aside, the Harry Potter collection remains one of the best LEGO games out there that takes the brilliance of the movies and perfectly plants them in the LEGO world.

It may not stick exactly to the set story, but the changes it makes are done with confidence and you will see 200 characters from the world represented here - this is also one of the best Potter games full stop.

Buy now at GAME for £27.99

2. LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens


When Star Wars roared back into cinemas with The Force Awakens, it was only a matter of time before the LEGO series did an adaptation of its own. We are glad they did as they keep their winning streak with the franchise going in a game that blew us away on many levels. From gameplay to graphics, this was an exceptional game that remains one of the best out there - and narratively it works a little better than the actual movie does too!

Buy now at GAME for £12.99

1. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga


It's a testament to the LEGO game series that the latest game in the franchise ends up top of the list - they keep delivering the goods. They have done that and them some with The Skywalker Saga, a massive game that comprises all nine of the Star Wars movies - while still having some fun nods to other entries. It's funny, it plays well, it looks and sounds great, there is little here not to love for fans of Star Wars and the LEGO games.

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