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Disney Plus Premier Access explained: How much it costs and how it all works

There's a vast collection of films and show on Disney Plus - but you'll still have to pay a little extra for the odd new release. Here's everything you need to know about Premier Access.

disney plus premier access

As we are sure you have noticed, 2020 was a strange year for movies with almost every planned theatrical release either being postponed or shifted online – Tenet was one of the rare exceptions.


2021 looks set to be no different with some massive titles landing stateside on HBO Max at the same time as cinemas, while Disney Plus is repeating what they did with Mulan last year by using Disney Plus Premier Access to debut movies that were due to be released on the big screen.

While many are still being delayed with no plans to release on Disney Plus first – hello, Black Widow – here’s what we know so far about what should be coming to your home – for an extra fee.

So whilst Disney+’s wider content has now doubled, thanks to the launch of the Star service in February 2021, there’ll still be the odd new release that will cost you a little more than the set subscription. Here’s everything you need to know about Disney Plus Premier Access.

What is Disney Plus Premier Access?

While almost everything from Disney will end up on their streamer at some point, with new releases it is a case of waiting for its theatrical window to pass before it gets added. With Premier Access, that wait is skipped and it is added at the same time, or instead of, a cinematic release. The only catch is that while you can watch it through from the comfort of your own home, there is an extra cost you will need to pay to get access to it.

mulan 2020
Mulan was the first movie to debut on Premier Access

How much does Disney Plus Premier Access cost?

Here in the UK, getting hold of a movie on Premier Access costs £19.99 – $29.99 in the USA. To get a Disney+ account will cost you £7.99 a month or £79.90 a year; so get in quick if you want the cheaper price.

How long does Disney Plus Premier Access last?

The movie is yours to keep once you have paid for it and you can watch it as many times as you like. Keep in mind that if it is on Premier Access, it will probably come to regular Disney+ eventually – there was about a three-month window with Mulan.

What is coming next to Disney Plus Premier Access?

raya last dragon

The second movie to debut this way, and the only other one confirmed so far, is Raya and The Last Dragon. The animation with a voice cast led by Kelly Marie Tran (Star Wars) is set to be available for purchase on Friday, 5th March 2021 globally.

Can you buy or rent movies on Premier Access on other platforms?

Yes. With Mulan, iTunes and Google Play both had the movie listed and we expect that to be the same for Raya and The Last Dragon.


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