Viewers praise “difficult” and “heartbreaking” Warrington bombing drama Mother’s Day

Anna Maxwell Martin and Vicky McClure played two mothers brought together by the 1993 tragedy

Anna Maxwell Martin and Vicky McClure, Mother's Day (BBC, EH)

Mother’s Day, a one-off drama telling the story of the 1993 Warrington bombing, moved viewers to tears on Monday night.


The BBC2 film stars Vicky McClure and Anna Maxwell Martin as two mothers brought together by an IRA bombing during the Irish Troubles that killed two young boys and injured 56.

Alastair Campbell – the former spokesman and campaign director of Tony Blair, who helped with negotiations that led to the Good Friday Agreement and the end of the Troubles – tweeted about the “superb” drama.

And the parents of 12-year-old Tim Parry who died in the explosions, Wendy and Colin, thanked the cast and crew for bringing their story to the screen.


Viewers also took to Twitter to say how “difficult” and “heartbreaking” they found the film, with some who live in or close to Warrington remembering how the tragedy shook the town.