Love Island 2017 star Camilla Thurlow hits back at Piers Morgan labelling contestants “thick”

“The idea that your interpretation is the only one that matters - slight superiority complex perhaps?”

Piers Morgan, Camilla Thurlow (ITV, EH)

Camilla Thurlow has taken Piers Morgan to task over his comments that Love Island is full of “the most stupid people in the world”.


On Monday’s Good Morning Britain, Morgan and his co-host Susanna Reid were examining the Islanders’ Brexit discussion.

A clip was played of the conversation in the villa that saw model Hayley Hughes say of Brexit: “What’s that? I seriously don’t have a clue.”

Hayley then got “trade” confused with “trees” and, on learning that Brexit could affect the facility of travel within Europe, Hayley groaned: “So it could be harder to go on holidays? Oh, I love my holidays.”

On watching the clip, Morgan said: “We have had a debate about the mental abilities of those on Love Island. I think they’re the most stupid people in the world. Susanna thinks they’re moral guardians of the nation and we should all be watching.”

The GMB host then took to Twitter to clarify that he is “not interested in THICK people”.

Love Island 2017 contestant Camilla Thurlow – who works in explosive ordnance disposal for a charity and was widely regarded as the brainiest of last year’s cast – hit back at Morgan with a tweet suggesting he may (shock horror) have a “superiority complex”.

To be fair, the sheer number of long words in that tweet would have had current Islander Hayley Hughes in a right omnishambles.


Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2

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