Inside No 9 is already “the best show of 2018” according to viewers

Series four began on BBC2 with a brilliant ode to William Shakespeare – "how on earth can this be improved upon?"

Inside No 9 (BBC, EH)

Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton opened the fourth series of their darkly comic anthology Inside No 9 on Tuesday night – and it went down a treat.


The episode, entitled Zanzibar, was an ode to William Shakespeare and has been heralded as “sublime”, “triumphant” and “extremely good fun” by critics – not to mention “exceedingly clever” as it was written in iambic pentameter (the meter that Shakespeare preferred to use when writing his verse).

Rory Kinnear led the guest cast as identical twins who accidentally check into the ninth floor of the Hotel Zanzibar on the same day. In the first episode of the new series he was joined by Hattie Morahan, Helen Monks and Kevin Eldon.

Twitter absolutely loved the silliness of it all, and one fan has already crowned Inside No 9 “the best show of 2018”…

There’s plenty more farcical fun to come in the rest of series four – with guest stars including Emilia Fox and Nicola Walker joining the cast.


Inside No 9 is on Tuesday nights at 10pm on BBc2