David Tennant gives a cryptic answer about his possible Jessica Jones return

The former Doctor Who star also says the series’ cancellation was a “foregone conclusion”

Jessica Jones, David Tennant, Krysten Ritter

The last of Marvel’s Netflix superhero series, Jessica Jones, comes to a close on 14th June – but could the final episodes include a return for fan-favourite season one villain Kilgrave, as played by David Tennant?


That was the question on every fan’s lips after showrunner Melissa Rosenberg suggested that we wouldn’t be saying goodbye to Kilgrave “quite yet,” sparking speculation that Tennant could come back for a one-episode appearance like he did in season two even after his mind-controlling character’s death.

Since then, Tennant has suggested that we really have seen the last of Kilgrave – but when we met with him to chat about his role in Amazon’s Good Omens, we couldn’t help but feel there was something he wasn’t telling us…

“Did Melissa say that? She must know more than I do…” Tennant teased, smiling when RadioTimes.com asked if Rosenberg’s hint suggested we might see Kilgrave once more after all.

“Maybe there’s someone else playing me!” he joked. “I’d be FURIOUS.”

Clearly, it’s going to be hard to get a straight answer about whether Tennant’s popping on that purple suit once more – though he was more open about his lack of surprise about Jessica Jones’ cancellation, coming on the heels of similar conclusions to other Marvel/Netflix shows.

“I think it was a sort of foregone conclusion,” Tennant told RadioTimes.com.

“It was to do with Marvel and Netflix slightly realigning how they do things, moving that relationship, as I understand it.

“So no, nobody was surprised.”

Whether the Jessica Jones fans will be surprised by something in the final season – maybe something very David Tennant-shaped, yelling ‘Jessicaaaaa!’ and sporting some very natty outfits – remains to be seen.


Marvel’s Jessica Jones returns to Netflix for a final season on Friday 14th June