Emmerdale FINALLY reveals what happened to Joe Tate

The fate of Joe was revealed in Monday's episode

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Following months of speculation, Emmerdale has at last revealed the fate of Joe Tate (Ned Porteous). Tonight’s episode of the ITV soap saw Kim get suspicious about money going missing from one of her accounts and hire an investigator to look into the matter.


It was then revealed that the person responsible for withdrawing the cash was none other than Joe, who was alive and well and living in Monte Carlo.


The whereabouts of Joe have been the topic of much discussion ever since the character disappeared from screens five months ago. As we know, Cain thought himself responsible for killing Joe after a punch appeared to have fatal consequences.

But when Graham later went to dispose of the body, a twitching finger gave fans the tip-off that Joe was still in the land of the living. Despite this sign of life, Graham subsequently allowed Cain to believe that he’d committed murder when – as it now turns out – he knew full well that Joe hadn’t died.

Now, it appears as though Graham has remained loyal to Joe all along, even going to the extent of moving him away from Monte Carlo to keep him from Kim’s clutches.


“Do you really think I’d put Joe into harm’s way again?” he argued in scenes just shown, to which Kim replied, “Joe might be out of my reach…but you’re not.”

Viewers will now have to wait until tomorrow to see what scheme Kim is cooking up for Graham – and whether she’ll be successful in getting her hands on the errant Joe…


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