Hollyoaks: Sienna KILLS Nico – fans react to shock death

Looks like there's no coming back from the dead this time - or is there?


Hollyoaks’ Sienna Blake has finally brought serial killer daughter Nico’s reign of terror to an end by murdering the toxic teen herself.


Hours after giving birth to baby Victoria, in the E4 episode showing on Wednesday 20 June, nasty Nico vowed to kill ex-BFF Peri Lomax and rival pal Harley Frater, leaving Sienna no choice but to secretly hand the newborn to Joel Dexter to keep safe away from her poisonous parent.

Discovering her mum had given her baby away, raging Nico attacked Sienna only for Leela Lomax to arrive in the nick of time – the ensuing struggle saw Sienna grab an engraved doorstop (awarded to her dad, and one of Nico’s victims, Patrick Blake for his teaching achievements in a wry detail) and strike a final blow to her daughter.


Viewers were suitably stunned by the twist, and also seemed sad to say goodbye to Sienna’s devilish daughter who’s already been killed off once before…

The character appeared to perish in a fire in 2016 – only to return from the dead to kill her mum, who then faked her death to draw Nico out to her pretend funeral in order for the cops to apprehend her… Which then backfired as Sienna decided to secretly hide pregnant Nico at her flat until she gave birth so they could all make a fresh start away from the village. Nico had other ideas.

Of course, with Sienna’s fake death fresh in fans’ minds, some are wondering if there’s a similar twist up the show’s sleeve and have questioned if Nico is still alive.

The dramatic fallout of the showdown will be explored as Hollyoaks continues this week – will Sienna be punished for her actions or can she claim self-defence? What will happen to Nico’s baby, Victoria? Can Sienna convince the authorities she should bring her up, filling the void left by twins Sophie and Sebastian who were both abducted by their dad Warren Fox?

And is Nico absolutely, categorically, really, really gone this time?


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