EastEnders: Bernadette reveals her feelings for Tiffany

But how will Tiff react?

Eastenders -April-June 2018 - 5733

EastEnders’s Bernadette Taylor (Clair Norris) will reveal that she’s been left confused by her feelings for best mate Tiffany Butcher (Maisie Smith) following their kiss in the E20 club last month.


As viewers saw in May, Tiff leaned in for a kiss on the lips with Bernie during a game of Spin the Bottle. But while Tiff was quick to move on from the impromptu snog, the encounter turns out to have been playing on Bernie’s mind. Next week’s drama will even see Bernadette doing her best to stay out of Tiffany’s way due to feelings of awkwardness about what happened between them.

Eastenders -April-June 2018 - 5731

Canny Tiff, though, will be seen pretending to be interested in playing chess in order to spend time with her friend, with Bernie handing over a rulebook so that her mate can get up to speed. But Tiff’s efforts to sort the situation out looks set to backfire when she tells Bernie she knows she’s been off with her because she fancies her. Feeling humiliated, Bernadette orders Tiff to get out.

Eastenders -April-June 2018 - 5732

However, following her initial outburst, Bernie does end up admitting that she’s been left perplexed by her feelings, while an understanding Tiff does her best to support her ally in the Square. Can the pair get their friendship back on track?

Speaking to RadioTimes.com earlier in June, actress Clair Norris – who plays Bernadette – coyly acknowledged fans’ clamouring for the coupling: “Bernie and Tiff, are they a thing? Who knows? I think it would be an interesting storyline for a young girl like Bernadette to explore that.”

Speaking about her working relationship with co-star Maisie Smith, the Walford star added: “I love working with Maisie, who plays Tiff. As characters we are very much chalk and cheese but we get on really well. Bernie was obsessed with chess, but would she choose that over Tiff? That’s a tough decision, even I can’t answer that!”


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