Best Christmas gift ideas for Dad

Everything for a happy father this Christmas, from Game of Thrones to drones

There are only so many ties one man can wear. Put some thought into your Dad’s present this year by getting something he’ll actually enjoy. From Peaky Blinders to Game of Thrones, headphones to whisky, there’s something here for every father this Christmas.


Peaky Blinders Flat Cap (from £90)

Everyone wants to look like Cillian Murphy, but if you’re under thirty and wearing a flatcap, you either look like you’re cosplaying or have escaped from a production of Oliver! Bates of Jermyn Street are a proper London hat shop and this is a proper hat for proper men.

 Game of Thrones Series 1-7 Blu-Ray (£90) 

Game of Thrones is currently filming its last ever series, which means it’s about time for your Dad to start asking about this new Dungeons and Dragons show he keeps hearing about. Buy him the boxset, and don’t worry about spoilers. It’s your Dad. He’s not on Twitter.

Foreo Luna 2 for Men (£170)


The truth is that shaving hasn’t changed much since man first sharpened a sea-shell, dragged it across our face then headed out of the cave for our Tinder date. (We called it that because it happened around the first fire.) Still, we’re always looking for the next innovation. The Luna 2 promises to use ‘deep frequency vibrations’ to purify skin and prep your stubble for a closer shave. And you can use it in the shower too. Just like a sea shell.

Sonos Playbase (£700)

It’s a Sonos speaker, so it sounds good, can stream almost any music and is incredibly easy to use. But also it will stop your Dad from turning the Queen’s speech up to a deafening volume this Christmas. So really, it’s a gift for you too.

DJI Spark (£449)


Drones are like a cross-breed of camera and model aeroplanes: catnip for any Dad.

Anova Precision Cooker (£149)

Turn any pot into a sous vide waterbath, just like Heston uses. Because it’s not just cooking a steak. It’s science.

Bowers & Wilkins PX Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones (£330)


They’re comfortable, look great and sound even better.

Google Chromecast Audio (£30)

Makes any old hifi smart enough to stream modern music services like Spotify.

Their Satanic Majesties Request: The Rolling Stones Vinyl Boxset (£70)

The Stones’ weirdo hippy swerve album gets a gorgeous box set for its 50th anniversary.

Angel’s Share Glass Whisky Water Dropper (£19.95)


The ‘Angel’s Share’ is a term in whisky making, meaning the alcohol lost to evaporation while it sits aging in casks. Every drop that’s left is precious, so don’t ruin it with ice and water. The English and Americans always get this wrong – the point of adding a tiny drop of water to your dram is to ‘loosen up’ the drink, give it room to develop, not to treat it like brown Ribena. (There’s some fancy science behind it, but just take it from a Scotsman, OK?) This dropper lets you exactly control the dilution. Plus it has a wee angel on the top.