The Great British Bake Off’s Kate Lyon receives medical attention in the tent after she cuts her finger and feels faint

In the upcoming episode, presenter Sandi Toksvig and the show's medical team have to attend to Kate while she sits on the floor and feels unwell

The Great British Bake Off Kate Lyon

There’s drama in The Great British Bake Off’s Italian Week when Kate Lyon cuts her finger, feels faint and has to be attended to in the tent by medics.


During episode seven of Bake Off 2017, Kate needs to have a plaster applied to her finger after she grazes it on a fan. But that’s not the end of her woes after she says, “I’m going to faint”, causing presenter Sandi Toksvig and the show’s medical team to gather around her while she sits on the floor.

A Channel 4 spokesperson told, “Kate hurt her finger on a fan, but after having a plaster applied she carried on with her bake.”

Thankfully Kate’s finger injury did not stop her finishing her dish during Italian Week – unlike the injury eventual winner John Whaite sustained in the tent in 2012. He cut his finger so severely he had to abandon his bake.

Italian Week will be broadcast next Tuesday 10th October, the first time that Bake Off has featured an Italian theme.

The episode follows Pastry Week, which saw fan-favourite Liam finally awarded Star Baker for the first time this series.


The Great British Bake Off continues Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4