Emmerdale: Emma Barton snatches Moira’s son in shock twist

But little does she realises that Finn is currently flatlining...

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An increasingly deranged Emma Barton has taken Moira’s son from his crib at Hotton General in surprise scenes just broadcast on tonight’s Emmerdale.


Emma has spent the week unravelling before our eyes, sparking a barn fire that resulted in Moira going into labour and accidentally shooting son Finn in nearby woodland.

Now, after seeing visions of late husband James (who she pushed to his death from a road bridge), Emma has recklessly snatched Moira’s newborn in the belief that he’s her grandson.

As things stand, Pete Barton believes himself to be the baby’s dad, although – as viewers know – there is the possibility of Cain Dingle having fathered the child.

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Emma, though, remains unaware of both this and the fact that her son Finn is currently flatlining at the very same hospital.

Fans will now have to wait until Thursday’s episode to see whether Moira finds out that her baby has gone or if Emma will really abscond while Finn fights to stay alive.

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