Piers Morgan consoles himself for losing out to Susanna Reid at awards nights by bragging about his Radio Times TV 100 placement

Morgan wasn't too pleased to find himself in 94th place - until he realised he was the only breakfast presenter on the list

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Good Morning Britain cleaned up on Monday night at the National Reality TV Awards, and Piers Morgan still wasn’t happy.


That may be down to the fact that his co-host Susanna Reid took home two individual awards – for best TV presenter and best celebrity personality – while he personally walked away empty handed. Their shared prize, for best talk show, was no consolation.

The presenter bemoaned the results on Twitter, before having a bit of a whinge on Good Morning Britain, too.

The show opened with the three awards sitting on the GMB desk, and Susanna’s gracious effort to include Morgan in the celebrations by congratulating the team was soon batted away.

“When you say we, I mean, the truth is you won everything.

“I don’t mind you winning Best TV Presenter because I wasn’t even inexplicably nominated. When I found out you’d won Best Celebrity Personality… what more has a man got to do?”

However, there was a silver lining for Piers, which he grabbed with both hands (if that’s not mixing our metaphors) – his inclusion in the prestigiousRadio Times TV 100 list.

Piers is placed 94th, which initially had him up in arms – until he realised that he is the only breakfast TV host featured.

He took a moment to gloat about that on GMB before returning to his favourite pastime, trolling BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker…

We really shouldn’t encourage him…


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