Piers Morgan was just as smug as you’d expect on his last day presenting Good Morning Britain

The presenter was looking forward to a long summer break in Los Angeles – and so were his colleagues...


It’s Piers Morgan’s last day on Good Morning Britain before going on holiday, and, unsurprisingly, he was rather smug about it.


The presenter spent the morning dropping the fact that he would be flying off to Beverly Hills after the show into conversation with his colleagues Susanna Reid, Charlotte Hawkins and Alex Beresford.

Something tells us they may be more excited for the break than he is.

When the conversation turned to kissing and hugging in the workplace, a giddy Morgan told Reid that people try to kiss him on the lips on a daily basis.

“People run up to me in the street in pubs and things and want to kiss me,” he said. “I’m serious…it does happen to me on an almost daily basis, that random people run up and want to kiss me. I’m a lot more popular than you think.”

Susanna Reid was perplexed as the rest of us, asking him: “Are you sure this is when you’re awake, and walking around?”

Morgan did get some love before heading off on his trip however from guest Davina McCall. The presenter shared a video of the pair practising appropriate hugging techniques on Twitter.


Bon Voyage, Piers. Don’t rush back.