“Oh my days”: Stormzy left reeling after causing major row between Love Island’s Chris and Olivia

It only takes a seven-word tweet to start a lovers' quarrel


Grime rapper Stormzy has accidentally caused a massive Love Island row – and he’s finding the whole thing hilarious. 


Couple Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood were playing a game with their fellow contestants when they fell out over a tweet from Stormzy, which simply said: “Chris you’re too good for her mate” – an opinion shared by a number of Love Island fans.

It all kicked off when the islanders had to guess which of their housemates a series of “mean tweets” were about and fill in the blanks.

But when “[Blank] you’re too good for her mate” turned out to be directed at Chris, Liv was furious.

It didn’t help when it was later revealed by a tweet that Liv had said she’d have sex with Mike Thalassitis (aka Muggy Mike) in the Hideaway if no one would find out. Given the trio’s history on the ITV show, that’s a pretty awkward revelation.

Upset and furious at the game, Liv stormed off with the words: “He’s such a loser” while Chris hit back: “That’s f**king muggy. She lost her f**king head because I laughed at a tweet. This is f**king muggy.”

Stormzy seemed to enjoy the mayhem he’d caused, tweeting: “Omdzzzz”.

Having missed the actual episode, he couldn’t wait to catch up, adding:

And there was plenty more for Stormzy to follow, because the row went on and on. Chris said it was unfair for Olivia to get angry with him about the tweet, especially given her Muggy Mike confession.

And Liv sobbed that she was “f**king sick” of having to “put up a front”.

If this was intended to get Chris to relent and comfort her, it didn’t work. Instead he went for a shower, announcing on the way that Liv was crying “crocodile tears”.


Is that the end of Chris and Olivia? Probably not – after all, they seemed to have patched things up by the end of the show. And both of them escaped being dumped, so we’ll have to see if Stormzy can bring about another row with his next Love Island tweet.