Who are the Love Island couples?

After a few recouplings, here's all the current relationships going on in the villa


Keeping tabs on who’s been pied off, who’s sticking it on who on and what mugged off even means on Love Island is basically a full-time job.


To save you the hassle, we’ve compiled a week by week guide to all of the make-ups, break-ups and recouplings that the villa has seen so far:

Sixth Recoupling

A snap recoupling was called just as new islander Georgia had entered the villa. If that wasn’t enough of a bombshell, it was down to new boys Theo and Jamie to pick first, as well as Georgia. Suffice to say, it caused an explosion…

Kem and Georgia

Georgia said she didn’t want to play it safe – and play it safe she did not. After being the very first islander to get to pick, she said that although she didn’t have a lot to go on, it was “kind-hearted” Kem and his “banter” that won her over.

The islanders looked shocked and Amber’s face did this:

After the decisions had all been made, Amber kicked off at Georgia. “Don’t even speak to me,” Amber fumed as she went over to see Kem. Eek.

Tyla and Theo

Georgia and Kem weren’t to be the only big upset. Despite being close with Jonny, Theo marched right in and picked Tyla from under his nose saying that he believed after a bit more time of getting to know one another, the pair of them would get on really well.

Jonny was visibly livid, muttering about Theo under his breath. He had to be told to calm down by Jamie, while Olivia whispered that the “s**t has hit the fan”. Well, quite.

It wasn’t over, though. As Jonny picked his girl at the recoupling, he described Theo as a “total bellend”, Theo got up, the two began squaring off against one another and Marcel had to step in the calm the whole situation down.

Camilla and Jamie

Jamie had shared a few dates with Camilla and after saying he came into the villa with something of a curiosity about her, he said that he wanted to explore his initial intrigue further. The pair coupled up, and the rest of the islanders broke into applause. It was actually very heartwarming TV…

Montana and Alex

Another relative newcomer in the villa, Alex explained that before he arrived on the show he had his eye on Montana from the outside. It would’ve sounded creepy coming from Craig, but when Alex said it, it was actually rather sweet.

Olivia and Chris

Chris said that he found it a “comfort” to wake up next to Olivia every day because he missed his family so much, and that he believed she was one of the most beautiful people he’d ever met in his life. Sadly, it wasn’t really to last…

Marcel and Gabby

Marcel said he wanted to couple up with Gabby because she forgave him for being a “total idiot”. Well, we reckon the less said about what happened in Casa Amor the better…

Amber and Jonny

Finding themselves somewhat on the slush pile after being mugged off by Georgia and Theo when their other halves were stolen, Amber and Jonny had little option but to couple up with one another and audibly stew and sound off about the rather snakey situations they both found themselves in. 


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