EastEnders: Karen makes a shock discovery about Bernadette

The Taylors are thrown into a new crisis next week


EastEnders’ unsavoury newcomers the Taylors are at the centre of the action next week when Karen desperately tries to make ends meet before making a shock discovery about teenage daughter Bernadette. 


Loudmouth mum Karen hasn’t made the best impression on the locals since her rowdy family moved to Albert Square, but she’s determined to ingratiate herself with the community and next Monday she goes on the hunt for a job.

Turned down at the Queen Vic, the Minute Mart and Beale’s, Karen is crushed and starts to wonder how she’s going to put food on the table for her bolshy brood. 

At least one of the neighbours gets a chance to see her caring side, though, when she comes to the aid of Jane Beale while out shopping. But Jane gets more than she bargained for when she finds herself caught in the middle of a Taylor row as Karen catches Bernadette skiving off school and demands she return. 

Escorting Jane home, Karen sees Ian and makes the link that the bloke who turned her down for a job earlier on is married to the woman she just helped out – using the good deed to her advantage the gobby matriarch talks her way into Ian employing her as a cleaner at the restaurant by way of thanks for her kindness towards Jane.

But back home, Karen is troubled by Bernadette’s behaviour – and comes to a shocking realisation about what’s really going on with her daughter…

Reeling from the bombshell, Karen struggles to keep her mind on the job on her first day working for the Beale empire on Thursday. And by the end of next week, the situation gets worse when Karen’s chaotic clan cause more mischief in the Square leading her to come to a terrifying realisation.

So what’s Bernadette hiding? She’s been playing truant and claiming to be too sick for school since the Taylors arrived. We know big brother Keegan was expelled for assaulting one of his teachers, does Bernie take after her sibling and has been excluded from school herself for violence, and has been to ashamed to tell her mum? Is she being bullied, or perhaps she’s a bully herself and has been rumbled by the teachers?

Is it her health that’s worrying her? Does she have a serious illness, or could it be that old soap favourite – she’s pregnant? Or is it linked to a secret from the family’s past, possibly involving Bernadette’s estranged father?

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.

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