Is this the fastest turn EVER on The Voice? Pixie Lott hits her button before singer even utters a word on The Voice Kids

Is seven seconds a new record?


Often the coaches wait until the last seconds of someone’s performance on The Voice before deciding they want them on their team.


But we think Pixie Lott sets a new record on this weekend’s episode of The Voice Kids when only seven seconds into one performance – before the singer has even actually sung a word – Pixie hits her button!

The only thing the coach has to go is: ““Mmmm….Heeyyyy…mmmm”, and yet that’s enough for her to shout “I know I love it already!” and hit her button.

Watch a preview of The Voice Kids below:

After the anonymous singer’s performance, Pixie says: “Absolutely incredible. I was the first one that turned round as you can see, because I know the sort of voices that I love straight away.

“I just feel really passionate about you and there’s one thing that I’ve learnt – if someone’s really passionate about you, you should work with them.”

But do any other coaches spin for this mini marvel? And if they do, will this singer choose Team Pixie?

Find out on The Voice Kids on Saturday 24th June at 7:30pm on ITV