“Heartbroken” Freema Agyeman thanks fans for support as “diverse and inclusive” Netflix show Sense8 is cancelled

The sprawling sci-fi drama has been culled after just two seasons


Netflix have cancelled another cult hit: after only two seasons, the sprawling sci-fi drama Sense8 – which had been lauded for promoting diversity in the industry with its ensemble cast of various ethnicities and a number of LGBT+ characters – has been discontinued.


Former Doctor Who companion Freema Agyeman, who played Amanita Caplan in Sense8, has taken to Twitter to voice her despair at Netflix’s decision to end the show, calling it “global, equal, groundbreaking, and diverse”.

She also took the opportunity to thank the show’s impassioned fanbase for their continued support:

This comes only one week after the streaming giants cancelled Baz Luhrmann’s The Get Down, and follows remarks last week from the company’s CEO Reed Hastings suggesting that he was pushing his content team to take more risks and to cull the stragglers where necessary in order to do so.

While Netflix do not release their viewing figures, they do drop hints at which shows are performing well. We know that its audience likes Adam Sandler movies (perhaps a little too much), and that interest in 13 Reasons Why was off the charts. 


OITNB and House of Cards are probably safe. Beyond that, who can say?