Watch the heartbreaking same-sex love story that never made it into Love Actually

The deleted scenes see Anne Reid and Frances de la Tour playing a couple hit by tragedy at Christmas


Here’s the thing about the internet. Some of its best stories can remain buried for years beneath a daily rush of 24-hour content, only for an eagle-eyed fan to spot a hidden gem and bring it to everyone’s attention.


Today’s example? A deleted storyline from Love Actually included in the 2003 film’s DVD extras.

The Richard Curtis film may be best remembered for its on-stage snogs with prime ministers, airport dashes and love letters written on giant posters, but a heartbreaking same-sex love story would have had us weeping into our Christmas turkey had it made it into the film’s final edit. 

The deleted scenes in question feature Anne Reid playing the headmistress of the school attended by Karen’s (Emma Thompson) children Daisy and Bernie.

According to Curtis, we would have met her in the film’s early stages before revisiting her story later on when she returned home to her cancer-stricken partner (played by Frances de la Tour). 

All of Reid and de la Tour’s scenes are included in the video below, which has been hovering on YouTube since 2009. Curtis explains his reasons for not including them in his finished product – but we can’t help but wish the storyline had made the cut. 


You might want to find a tissue before pressing play…