Coronation Street: 10 big Christmas 2016 storylines – REVEALED

Toyah returns, Maria faces prison, plus the pressure mounts for Bethany


It’s your guide to all that’s happening this festive season on Coronation Street!


1. Leanne’s baby secret to be revealed?

Pregnant Leanne may be planning a cosy Christmas for her and Nick, but as we know, they also have a secret that they’re desperately trying to keep under wraps. Michelle doesn’t yet know that the baby Leanne’s carrying is actually Steve’s. But could the truth be coming out as Leanne and Nick desperately try to maintain the act and Steve struggles to keep Michelle sweet?


2. Nick and Peter come to blows

Nick is convinced that Peter is after Leanne. And, to be honest, with their history, who can blame him? So expect the gloves to come off as Nick fights to hold on to his makeshift family.

3. Toyah returns!

Leanne’s step-sister is back after a 13-year absence! She rocks up declaring her marriage to be over, so it certainly looks like Leanne won’t be getting the festive break she was looking forward to.


4. Maria faces prison

It’s not looking too merry for Maria this Christmas as she faces time behind bars for her illegal marriage to Pablo. Staring prison in the face, Maria embarks on a steamy fling with the newly returned Adam Barlow, trying to bury her burgeoning feelings for Aidan.

5. Aidan to break up with Eva?

Aidan is none too happy about Maria’s actions and his jealousy towards Adam explodes. With a big choice to make, will Aidan keep his head and stand by Eva or follow his heart and Maria into the courtroom?


6. Who is Peter’s mystery woman?

Having been keeping secrets ever since his return, it will became increasingly apparent in the run-up to Christmas that a woman is involved in this latest cover-up. When he’s overheard booking a hotel room and caught wrapping a present to the love of his life, it looks like the identity of Peter’s mystery woman is about to be revealed…

7. Big pressure for Bethany

Poor Bethany hasn’t had an easy time of it, having battled bullies, a gym obsession and an addiction to slimming pills. But with Bethany now also fighting her feelings for Sarah’s boyfriend Gary, it seems she might just be buckling under the pressure…


8. Mary’s history explored

Mary will be seen welcoming a figure from her past. And – in the wake of paparazzi photos showing Mary visiting a mystery man – rumours are rife that this could be her nephew, or maybe even her son!

9. Drama for Anna and Kevin

With Anna still recuperating in the wake of the car explosion that left her badly burned, it seems that she’ll also find time to open up about her feelings to Kev.

10. Andy and Steph to break up?

Finally, Andy is forced to contemplate a future without Steph – could one of them be about to leave Weatherfield? 

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