Sassy flamingos, pole-dancing bears and face-planting bobcats captivate Planet Earth II viewers

And we all now want to fly around on an eagle


Last night Planet Earth II was back for another episode, and while there were no moments QUITE as harrowing as the snake/iguana chase of episode one, it’s safe to say that the “Mountains” film was another gorgeous offering from the BBC and Sir David Attenborough.


Highlights included an eagle battle in the skies…

…some back-scratching bears who wouldn’t look out of place at a night club…

…sassy flamingos galore…

…and a bobcat whose face-planting hunting technique on dry land and in water may or may not have had a few ducks going quackers.

Though everyone couldn’t help taking it a bit more seriously when some gorgeous snow leopards turned up.

And overall, it seemed like the terrifying scenes of last week’s series opener had finally receded from our minds. Or had they…?


Planet Earth II continues on BBC1 next Sunday