Coronation Street: Sarah to date Gary – but will their evening be a success?

Romance is in the air during next week's episodes of the ITV soap


Sarah and Gary are to grow closer in next week’s episodes of Coronation Street – but will problems with Bethany come in the way of their fledgling romance?


The drama begins when Izzy and Gary spot Bethany out running and are concerned when they notice that she’s clearly pushing herself too far.

When Sarah’s told about what Izzy and Gary have witnessed, she drags Bethany to the cafe and insists on buying her lunch. But Bethany breaks down and explains to her mum that exercise helps take her mind off all her recent traumas at home and school.


Sarah then agrees to renew Bethany’s gym membership as long as she takes fitness advice from Gary. Grateful to Gary for his support, Sarah invites him out for a drink. So can the two put the problems with Bethany aside for the evening and will their date be a success?

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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