Andrew Marr asks Michael Gove: are you our Frank Underwood from House of Cards?

The presenter compared the Tory leadership candidate to the scheming politician from the Netflix drama


In the midst of a particularly coruscating interview with Michael Gove on this Sunday’s Andrew Marr Show, the host compared the Tory leadership candidate to Frank Underwood, the scheming and murderous politician at the heart of US drama House of Cards.


“If you would just turn to that camera and say something sinister, it would be perfect,” said Marr, in reference to Kevin Spacey’s fourth wall-breaking remarks to the audience as Underwood.

On one hand, it’s a harsh comparison – after all, in the first few minutes of House of Cards, Underwood kills a helpless dog, something that no-one has yet accused Gove of (unless, of course, they’re being metaphorical and Boris Johnson is the canine in the analogy).


On the other, it’s quite flattering – Underwood is a slick operator, who is quite at home drinking water and clapping, two things Gove has been told by some he needs to work on…