TV and film on demand guide: which streaming service should you choose?

What is the best streaming service in the UK? Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC Store and more compared


There are so many on demand film and TV services these days that it’s sometimes impossible to know where to start.


Yes, there are the big players like Netflix and Amazon, but do they really give you value for money? And what are the alternatives if you’re after the best service in the UK?

Check out all the options below.

Netflix UK

Do you have to subscribe?


How much does it cost?

Netflix starts at £5.99 a month for a basic account and goes up to £8.99 for premium access.

What do you get?

Unlimited access to thousands of films and TV series to stream, all in HD (if you go for standard or premium options.)

Original content?

Yes. Netflix boasts a large number of original series like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Narcos, Marvel’s Jessica Jones and Making a Murderer, as well as shows like Breaking Bad which haven’t aired in full on TV in the UK.

Free trial?

Yes. You can try the service for one month.



What can you watch it on?

Your smart TV or using a PS3, Wii, Xbox 360 or any other Netflix-enabled device. Most modern set top boxes will have some kind of Netflix functionality. You can also watch Netflix on any android, Windows or Apple smart phone or tablet.And on your computer. You must be connected to the internet, though. You can watch on up to four screens simultaneously if you have a premium account.

Parental controls?


You can set controls on individual profiles to four maturity levels, or make a “kid friendly” profile for children under 12.

Amazon Prime

BBC Store


Disney Life

TalkTalk TV

Now TV


BFI Player