Celebrity Big Brother’s most controversial moments

Controversial, yes, but in many cases also just plain weird...


Warning: In case you’ve never seen Big Brother before, most clips contain swearing…


Pete Burns and the gorilla coat (Series 4)

Things went very ‘Cecil The Lion’ back in Series 4 when Pete Burns decided that dressing gowns were out, and endangered species were in. Pete’s fashion choices were called into question and soon even PETA were informed of his Planet of the Apes-inspired outerwear. Big Brother – and subsequently the police – confiscated the coat, Pete got angry and Jodie Marsh felt his wrath. 

Leo Sayer breaks out (Series 5)

The problem was that Leo was, quite literally, not prepared to wash his dirty laundry in public. The singer said that he wasn’t equipped, on moral grounds, to clean his own underwear and if Big Brother didn’t provide him with clean underpants then he would be offski. BB was unwilling to negotiate, and Leo was out through the fire escape before you could say Daz door step challenge.

A loose woman in the jacuzzi (Series 9)

It was less Loose Women, more loose bra straps when Denise Welch drank all the drinks and decided to ‘let the puppies out’ before doing her best tranquilised panda impression. We fear the image may still be etched into Frankie Cocozza’s mental hard drive to this day.

Vanessa Feltz’s meltdown (Series 1)

It all went a little ‘Jack Nicholson In The Shining’ in CBB’s maiden series, when Vanessa went dark behind her sunglasses and began scribbling nonsense on the table…

Charlotte Crosby wets the bed (Series 12)

Newcastle’s leading televised provocateur ended up so bladdered one night that her actual bladder seemingly went on strike, resulting in a damp patch that now has a special place in CBB infamy. 

Jackie Stallone’s grand entrance (Series 3)


Need we say more?


Big Brother producers’ piece de resistance in series 3 was bringing in 108-year-old Jackie Stallone to shock her ex-daughter-in-law Brigitte Nielsen. It’s still to be confirmed whether Jackie knew where she was or rather, as suspected, her eyes were indeed welded together after years of excessive mascara abuse. 

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