Tom Hiddleston’s Loki lifts Thor’s hammer in deleted scene from The Dark World

Things could have been very different if Loki had his way...


What would have happened to Asgard if Loki could lift Thor’s infamous hammer? That’s the question everyone’s favourite Avengers bad boy was hoping to answer in Thor: The Dark World.


Sadly though, his moment of glory with the majestic Mjölnir (that’s Thor’s hammer to you and I) and his horde of screaming fans (what’s new?) didn’t make the final cut.

Marvel has decided to release it with a whole bunch of bonus extras from its Phase 2 projects, just in time for Christmas.

The little clip is double the fun beacuse it features some hilariously bland stills in the place of scenes that should have been shot by Rene Russo, who played Odin’s wife Frigga.

Still, there’s more to come – could we see Loki wield the hammer for real in Thor: Ragnarok?


Or will Thor still have that clever electromagnet switched on?