David Tennant has narrated a video to teach us all about time and space

Turns out you don't need a Tardis to make time go faster – you just need to understand Einstein's theory of relativity


When he’s not travelling the universe saving lives or mentally enslaving gritty superheroes, David Tennant has another hobby – teaching the world about science. 


In a new video to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity, Tennant explains the German scientist’s work, from what it means about the expansion of the universe to how “warped space and time” actually work.

Of course, being a former Doctor, Tennant couldn’t resist blowing our minds with a little bit of time-foolery, explaining in the video how time actually runs slightly faster at the top of tall buildings and even faster out in space.


Guess we don’t need a Tardis to travel through time after all.