10 Christmas gift ideas for Disney lovers

What should you buy the Disney Prince or Princess in your life? Here's some inspiration...



What’s better than watching Frozen over, and over… and OVER again! Simple, building your own Frozen ice castle for your own LEGO Elsa to live happily(?) ever after in. And because this set comes with a little LEGO version of Anna and Olaf the singing snowman (as well as a sleigh for them to get about on), your little one can enjoy recreating their favourite scenes from the film (and singing Let it Go continually) for years to come.

Available from £29.00 

Nothing says Christmas like Mickey, Minnie Goofy and Donald Duck in a basket hanging from your tree… NOTHING! Although once upon a time it was OK to just throw a bit of tinsel on the tree and open your presents, this tree decoration ornament (that also stands alone for post Christmas display) is part of a new breed of Christmas display items that help let everyone you know see what franchises you love best!

£10.95 from the Disney Store

It’s been 20 years since Pixar changed family films forever by bringing Woody and his plastic friends into our lives – and three films later (and with another one scheduled for 2017) there has been a constant demand for one toy above all others over the last decade… Buzz Lightyear! This isn’t the first incarnation of Buzz you can take home and play with, but it is the best. The 12″ action figure comes complete with sensors that know when he’s standing and flying, pop out wings, THAT laser beam and the original Buzz voice. This figure is sure to help you have fun To Infinity and Beyond until Toy story 4 comes out!

£59.99 from Toys R Us 

What could be more exciting than spending Christmas watching Disney films and reading about your favourite characters? How about being in your very own story book based on the adventures of your screen heroes! The My Adventuress series allows you to buy the perfect personalised book for your little one (adding their name and details to the story), creating a novel and really fun gift – and memories to keep on the bookshelf for years to come.  

From £9.99

Listen, we all have to grow up sometime – but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a little chunk of childhood with us (even if there is still 1% doubt!)

£7.61 from Supermug

Let’s face it, your child is going to sing Let it Go day and night whatever you do… so you might as well let them do it in style. And it’s style the’ll have with this smart sing-a-long doll and microphone set that actually picks up where you left off to ensure that the song gets completed by one Disney princess or another! Just like in the film, Elsa’s dress lights up as you belt out Idina Menzel’s children’s classic. The cold never bothered you anyway…

£34.99 from Toys R Us

Jump into your very own Disney/ PIxar world with this interactive video games experience that brings alive your favourite people and places in a magical way.  Whether you want to be Jack Sparrow or the cast of Monsters University, this gaming world will have your kids entertained as educated as they try to solve puzzles, battle enemies, play games and build new adventures in multiple worlds.

From £29.99

Watch your favourite Disney stars come alive on the ice as this enchanting show goes on tour around the country in Spring 2016. Stops include London, Belfast, Liverpool, Nottingham, Cardiff, Glasgow and Leeds.

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There’s few things better than kicking back with your umpteenth viewing of Tangled… or is there? Oh, yes, it’s dressing up as Rapunzel, the star of the show. This fantastic dress is everything your little girl needs to look the part – and what’s even better… it lights up!

From £35.95 

Wow, just wow! IT HAS THEM ALL! From Toy Story (1,2,3) to Finding Nemo to Cars to Brave to Monsters University and beyond. This is basically the best box set ever.


From £116