Meet the Parents, The Watch, Event Horizon, After.Life: films on TV today

Ben Stiller battles embarrassment and aliens, space salvagers boldly go somewhere very nasty, and Liam Neeson readies the dead: the RadioTimes team’s pick of free-to-air films on TV today


Meet the Parents ★★★★
10.45pm-12.25am BBC1 


A film you can watch again and again (which is not necessarily true of its two sequels), Meet the Parents introduces us for the first time to Ben Stiller’s accident-prone male nurse Greg (ha ha) Focker. He is in turn introduced by his intended, Teri Polo, to her pathologically judgmental ex-CIA father Robert De Niro, when they travel to her parents’ home in Long Island for her brother’s wedding. Everything that can go wrong does go wrong (lost luggage, misunderstanding over drug use, toppled urn, escaped cat, flood of effluent, ruined wedding altar, and more), but in the hands of director Jay Roach and a talented, freewheeling cast, it’s a joy to behold. The sequels lack its sheer, unforced innocence.

The Watch ★★★
9.00-11.05pm Film4 

A neighbourhood watch team made up of Ben Stiller (yes, him again), Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn and Richard Ayoade isn’t likely to make anyone sleep easier, especially when the latest baddie on the block is not of this world.

Event Horizon ★★★
9.00-10.55pm Movie Mix 

The Alien films don’t hold the monopoly on space-based scares, as this movie proves. Sam Neill and Laurence Fishburne are among the crew tasked with learning the secrets of an experimental ship that mysteriously blips back onto the radar after disappearing for seven years.

After.Life ★★★
9.00-11.00pm Horror Channel 

Liam Neeson may have become known as an ageing action avenger of late, but he still has the ability to pick more unusual and challenging roles, like playing a mortician in this horror. Christina Ricci plays the latest body on his slab, only she claims she’s not actually dead yet.  

Beyond the Hills ★★★★
Premiere 12.50-3.55am Film4 

An unsettling atmosphere permeates this Romanian drama, in which a young woman urges her childhood friend to break her vows at a remote religious retreat. However, not all is pure and godly in this place, and the elders have ways of dealing with those who threaten their way of life. 


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