Magician creates incredible balloon art of the Doctor and his Tardis

Magician Rob Driscoll has twisted The Tardis and Time Lords into new dimensions...


With all the artistic achievements of mankind, sometimes it’s hard to imagine being truly impressed by anything new. But these balloon creations by Rob Driscoll are quite something. 


The magician set himself a challenge to make a different balloon model every day for at least a year. He started twisting balloons on a daily basis on 1st January 2013 and is still going, posting all his art at My Daily Balloon.

Here are his Doctor Who creations…

The Tardis

The Time Machine is made from 22 balloons…

1st and 2nd Doctors, William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton

Rob says, “they are in Black and white because that was how they always were seen, in black and white. William Hartnell on the left had his white hair and his little black hat, Patrick on the right has his trademark flute and his black mop of hair, they both have rather cool check trousers.” 

3rd Doctor, Jon Pertwee

Rob says, “I have not seen too much of this Doctor in action but I think he is very flamboyant, I imagine a scientific Liberace, To make him look right I gave him those trademark frills, his big nose and his white curly hair”

4th Doctor, Tom Baker

Rob says, “here he is with his distinctive scarf, curly hair, his hat and yes, that is a jelly baby he is holding.”

5th Doctor, Peter Davison

He’s in his cricket gear with his cricket bat over his shoulder. Rob says, “This Doctor took about 20 balloons to make”.


 But Rob doesn’t just twist time-travelling balloons — here are a few more of our other favourite TV and film-inspired creations. Pretty cool, eh?