Has Sully from Monsters Inc been turned into a toilet seat cover?

This Pixar fan theory is worrying us...

Guys, this is serious. Sully from Monsters Inc. might have been turned into a toilet seat cover.


As with all Pixar universe fan theories, this theory comes from the internet. Or, more specifically, Tumblr where eagle-eyed user rantingrandall had a eureka moment.

To explain… Remember in Monsters Inc. where Sully P Sullivan has a conversation with his slimy nemesis Randall “Randy” Boggs? In an attempt to intimidate his blue and purple colleague, Randall shares an urban legend: “I heard humans skin monsters and make toilet covers out of their fur”, a rumour Sully immediately brands “nonsense”.

But is it? Hardcore Toy Story fans may be familiar with the 2012 spin-off short Partysaurus Rex that sees the dinosaur start a soapy party in Bonnie’s bathroom. It’s only seven minutes long but… a closer look suggests a rather ominous accessory on top of the toilet. 

It’s blue and purple. A BLUE AND PURPLE TOILET COVER. Should we suspect the worst? Are Pixar’s employees laughing wickedly as we speak? 


Or did Boo grow up to make millions from her own line of Monsters Inc-inspired toilet seat covers? You decide…