Here’s how to get Uber to deliver free ice cream to your office

Get the scoop on the taxi app's collaboration with Walls ice cream


What could make a Friday afternoon in the middle of summer even better? Two words: ice cream. 


That’s the philosophy adopted by taxi firm Uber who’ve teamed up with Walls ice cream to deliver a free Friday afternoon treat to users across the country. 

Now, the taxi firm hasn’t always had the best reputation, attracting criticism just this month for hiking up prices in order to capitalise on the London tube strike. But if there’s one way to get back in our good books, it’s free ice cream. 

So, just how do you ensure you’re the most popular person in your office this Friday 24th July? The event is worldwide but here in the UK the giveaway is available in eight locations: London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, Newcastle, Sheffield and the Home Counties.

If you’re based in any of the above – and you’re in a private property (ie. your home or office) – then there are three simple steps to follow:

1. Fire up your Uber app on Friday 24th July anytime between 11am-7pm.

2. Set your location and slide to the left to request ICE CREAM.

3. Request your ice cream parlous and Wall’s Cornettos will wing their way to you within minutes.


Simple enough, right? Theoretically, yes, but any attempts from us to get our hands on free ice cream ended in this. Let us know if you fare any better!