Jason Statham: “I’m sick of running around and doing fight scenes”

"It wears on you heavy, so to take a backseat and not do much in Spy is a good thing. You can rest your legs"


Jason Statham has carved out a niche for himself in Hollywood as an action man. With appearances in the Transporter series, the Expendables films and the most recent Fast & Furious instalment, he’s known for complicated fight scenes and throwing endless punches. But new comedy flick Spy sees him in an entirely different guise. 


Yes, he’s playing a secret agent but this time he’s not saving the day. That job goes to Melissa McCarthy’s character Susan Cooper while Statham sends up every action hero he’s ever played with his hopeless spy Rick Ford who needs constant rescuing from the scrapes he finds himself in.

But did he miss filming action scenes? “There’s no heavy lifting for me in terms of the stunts in this but I’m happy to have that,” Statham tells RadioTimes.com. “I’m sick of running around and doing three fight scenes, it wears on you heavy. So to take a backseat and not do as much is a good thing,” he adds.

Watch the full interview below…


Spy is out in UK cinemas now