Disco Dermot: Why I chose to dance for Comic Relief

The X Factor presenter is doing his bit to raise money for Red Nose Day – dancing non-stop for 24 hours! But what made him decide to do it?

Clap hands

“Clapping is the last refuge of the scoundrel. When you’re struggling with your next move, just do a lot of clapping.” 


Move it on up

“Good dancing is about a combination of confidence and rhythm. My parents are great dancers in that “teenagers from the 60s” way and I’d like to think I’ve inherited a bit of that.”

Get on down

“Running man is my go-to move in a social situation. A friend of mine taught it to me one long, tortuous night at university and weirdly, it stuck. That and a couple of Irish-dance moves.”

Chill out

“I’ve been doing lessons with choreographers and they’ll say, ‘Here’s a move for when you want to make it more chilled.’ You replicate what they’re doing and you’re still shattered.”

You’ll be able to follow Dermot’s every move on BBC Radio 2 and the Red Button – head to rednoseday.com/Dermot for more information and to donate


Dermot will begin his dance-athon on The One Show, on BBC1 tonight (Thursday 12th March) at 7.00pm

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