Is this the best YouTube account ever?

Emma Saying makes a video for words or names we might need help pronouncing and it's weirdly very entertaining

During a search for the latest news on all things Sherlock Holmes, I stumbled across YouTube account Emma Saying


It quite literally features a batch of videos with someone called Emma saying a word or a celebrity’s name using the correct pronunciation. 

Sherlock Holmes, for example: 

Or Benedict Cumberbatch:

Perhaps even Hugh Jackman? Each 15-second video says the name twice just so you get it bang on:

Heck, cut loose and hear her say Jamie Dornan:

Ryan Gosling, because why the devil not?

Presumably the account is for people learning to speak English, as it also includes various videos that help distinguish similar sounding words and show you how to get your head around particularly tricky words.

It’s strangely addictive. Perhaps it’s something to do with the hypnotic spiral at the start of each video…


Or perhaps my lack of life.