Want to get paid for watching TV and films?

Well, here’s your chance…

You knew it all along, didn’t you? All of those hours spent absorbed in Netflix exclusives, convincing yourself the entire cast of Orange is the New Black are your real-life friends and dreaming with Danish subtitles were one day going to pay off. Well, your dream is finally in sight. Netflix have today launched a search to find their first UK Tagger, and that lucky person’s sole purpose? To watch great TV.


As one of only 40 Taggers worldwide, you’ll be an important cog in the finely-tuned Netflix brain, analysing films and programmes of varying genres and then connecting them to similar titles so that Netflix can pinpoint exactly what its audience should watch next. As Netflix itself boasts, “It’s a little bit art, a little bit science and is so super accurate that sometimes it feels like we are reading minds or tea-leaves (we’re not!)”.

Of course, it would be a little too good to be true if Netflix were offering this unique opportunity to just any devout viewer, and with an audience of around 48 million to keep entertained, Netflix are on a very particular kind of manhunt. The successful applicant will ideally have a background or degree in film and TV, a strong knowledge of film and TV, and an analytical mind to make sure titles reach their intended viewers.

To apply and for more details, follow the links below, and in the meantime, we advise rigorous research; thousands of top titles and new releases every month aren’t going to watch themselves…

Check out the full job spec and get details on how to apply at jobs.netflix.com