Anyone for a game of Netflix Roulette?

Take the decision process out of your on-demand viewing with a simple spin

Streaming service Netflix takes pride in suggesting the programmes you should watch. Just finished Suits series two? Why not get stuck into The Good Wife? Slick, US courtroom drama. One follows the other. Your “recommended for you” section gets to know your viewing habits and hopes to tempt you with the right type of telly to keep you hooked.


But sometimes there’s just too much choice. I can happily swap from Jennifer Lopez’s Maid in Manhattan (you may judge) to Luther via Derek and onto 24 in one week. I’m confused about what I want to watch. I wouldn’t blame my Netflix account if it just came up with a ‘do you even know what day it is?’ message and left me to it.

Well, now there’s a new online tool that doesn’t need to know what you watch to recommend you something – Netflix Roulette. You can choose a category (ie. Horror movies), filter it how you see fit (for example by viewer ratings) and hit the spin button. It’ll spit out a suggestion and you’re good to go.

You obviously don’t have to watch the first thing it suggests. Some days really aren’t a The 12 Dogs of Christmas kind of day. So you can spin, spin and spin again until something tickles your fancy.

Andrew Sampson who created the unofficial tool writes, “No more sitting around trying to figure out what you want to watch, just spin the wheel and let go of all your troubles. Gamble with the entire catalog of Netflix or limit yourself to a genre. Who needs top 10s?” 


Netflix Roulette is also available as an Android app