Coronation Street: Jimi Mistry is not playing Liz’s new man, says actress Beverley Callard

But the star does reveal that her character's latest lover has been cast and will start filming next week

Beverley Callard has denied recent rumours that actor Jimi Mistry has been brought into the soap to play Liz McDonald’s new boyfriend.


Mistry is to join Corrie as Khalid, an old friend of Gary Windass’s, but the character will not be romantically linked to Liz.

“It’s not true. I wish it were because he’s gorgeous, but it really isn’t,” the actress told “I don’t know where that rumour came from. But he’s not for Liz.”

However, Callard did reveal that Liz is definitely going to get a new lover who will be seen on screens in the coming months: “They’ve just cast him. He’s about the same age as me and he starts filming next week, but I haven’t met him yet. I asked our producer Stuart Blackburn not to cast someone really short  – usually Liz is in really high heels so I end up being much taller than whoever I’m paired with.”

As for this new character’s position among the residents of Weatherfield, Callard added: “He’s intermingled with many characters, the storyline is set to go on for a long time and it’s really, really good.”


Liz McDonald makes her big Corrie comeback in the episodes set to air on Monday after she returns to the Rovers in order to run the pub with son Steve (Simon Gregson) and his partner Michelle (Kym Lomas).