Russian daredevil base jumps off Mount Everest

Valery Rozov completes the world’s highest Base jump to mark the 60th anniversary of the first ascent of the planet’s tallest peak


Extreme sports expert Valery Rozov lauched himself from Mount Everest today – completing the highest Base jump known to man and marking 60 years since explorers Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay reached the summit of earth’s tallest mountain. 


The 48-year-old thrill-seeking Russian spent more than two years preparing for this mega jump, and carefully designing the Red Bull-branded wing suit he wore during the descent. 

It took Rozov four days to climb from base camp in Tibet to the launch site – 7,220 metres up. He braved freezing temperatures, a lack of oxygen and treacherously icy surfaces to complete the jump.

The Base-jumper throttled through the air at approximately 125mph, and landed on the Rongbuk glacier – 5,950 metres from sea level.

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“It was a difficult jump for me, because of the high-altitude,” explained Rozov afterwards. “I was worried the vertical part at the beginning was too short for this altitude, but everything worked.”

In 2012 Rozov launched himself off the Shivling Mountain in the Himalayas. He’s also previously jumped into an active volcano, and a mountain in the Antarctic.

Watch the jump here… 


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