Roger Moore: Daniel Craig will be the best James Bond

The longest-serving 007 pays tribute to the incumbent Bond, and to the Queen – but says Quantum of Solace was confusing…

He’s played 007 in a record seven movies, and racked up an impressive 13 years in the role, but Roger Moore says Daniel Craig is set to be the best James Bond ever.


“I think he’s going to end up being the best Bond,” said Moore with conviction. “What an actor!”

And while Moore called Craig’s performance in his first Bond outing, Casino Royale, “absolutely marvelous”, he did admit to struggling with the follow-up.

“I didn’t understand Quantum of Solace,” said Moore, eliciting much laughter from an audience at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, many of whom seemed to sympathise with his view.

“The director shot it like a lot of bad television shows, with two-second cuts,” continued the star. “There was never any geography – I never knew where anyone was coming from.”

A wistful Moore recalled a simpler time: “In the old days you’d have the villains dressed in blue or green or black and the hero’s lot in white,” he said.

“They would be coming left-to-right, the villains would be going right-to-left, so you knew who was doing what. In Quantum you didn’t know who Bond was going to hit next…”

Moore also expressed his delight at seeing Her Majesty the Queen appear alongside Craig’s Bond in a scene from Danny Boyle’s Olympic opening ceremony. 

“What a tribute to Bond – the 50th anniversary of Bond – to be actually recognised by the Queen agreeing [to do it] (I don’t think it was her idea),” said Moore.

“In the first shot when Bond was standing there and you saw the back of the Queen, I thought ‘I wonder who they’ve got doubling for her?’ and when she turned – ah! – well, the entire world saw that. Great for Bond!”


Daniel Craig’s third Bond film, Skyfall, is released in UK cinemas on 26 October.