You’ve Been Tubed: from Jon Hamm to James Bond

This week's best viral videos, very carefully selected just for you


1. Hamm rap
No idea what’s going on here, to be honest: it’s Jon Hamm from Mad Men attempting to improvise a rap about American 1970s sitcom Taxi.


Mostly he just sort of lists everything he can remember about it in no particular order without making anything rhyme. One of the oddest clips of the year so far.

2. Hello! Rhino

The only thing cuter than a good cute animal video? Old Pathe newsreel of cute animals! At least, that’s the theory. To be honest, the narrator struggles a bit with this radical change of direction.

3. 00

Every instance ever, or so it’s claimed, of someone saying “double-o” in a Bond film, edited together with increasingly manic and hilarious results. Many hours well spent, whoever it was.

4. It’s a cliché, we get it

On the same theme, a montage of the hundreds of times screenwriters have resorted to the line “You just don’t get it, do you?” or variations thereof. Serves as a tribute to the actors who all manfully attempt to make it sound fresh. (Contains some swearing.)


Yes, it’s got nearly 3 million views so you’ve probably seen it. And yes, it’s Coldplay – believe me, their music normally makes me come out in hives as much as the next man. But this tribute to Adam Yauch, recorded live on stage at the Hollywood Bowl hours after his death was announced, is beautiful. If you can stay unmoved when Chris Martin sings “So we’re sending all our love to the Beastie Boys…”, well, you’ve a harder heart than me.