RadioPlayer and Audioboo bring Listen Again to local radio

Tie-up between online radio services set to offer "a new phase of deepening people's listening habits"


A joint venture between RadioPlayer and Audioboo is to bring an instant, automatic and easy to use Listen Again feature to more than 300 radio stations across the UK. Announced today at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, the tie-up is going to be of most use to the smaller local stations that so far have not been able to afford their own catchup service.


RadioPlayer is a free online service currently letting you quickly find and listen live to local and national stations, whereas Audioboo has previously been best known as a social media site that lets you record your own short audios. 

Michael Hill of RadioPlayer said his firm is “now ready to enter a new phase of deepening people’s listening habits, making them more social and helping smaller stations offer high-quality audio content. Audioboo is obviously a perfect fit for that.”


As well as an online catchup service, local stations using Audioboo Pro can get listeners to record their own material. Audioboo’s Mark Rock says: “Since anyone can upload boos via landline, mobile or web, with moderation tools available in the cloud, it’s another example of how radio can really broaden its reach and relevance.”