Q&A with White Van Man star Georgia Moffett

The star of BBC3's new comedy may be the Doctor's daughter, but her heart belongs to a Midsomer detective...


Georgia Moffett, star of new BBC3 comedy series White Van Man (10:30pm, BBC3), spoke to Radio Times about being the Doctor’s daughter and her heart belonging to a Midsomer’s detective…


Which TV series would you take to a desert island?

The Office: an American Workplace. For years I resisted it because I thought it couldn’t possibly be as good as the British one. Then I ended up seeing an episode on a plane last year and have been addicted to it ever since, to the point where I go to sleep watching it. My son is equally if not more crazy about it than I am, which is a little weird as he’s only eight.

Did he think it was cool when you were in Doctor Who alongside David Tennant?

No, he did exactly what I did when my dad Peter Davison was in it, which was just not care. Hopefully he’ll appreciate it more when he’s older. [Moffett and Tennant are engaged and expecting a child.]

What’s your guilty TV pleasure?

It would be Location, Location, Location or Relocation, Relocation. I love all housing programmes, but on most of them they almost always don’t buy the property that they look at. I feel slightly cheated by the end. Whereas Kirstie and Phil don’t give up until they’ve managed to find a house.

What was the last TV show you recommended to a friend?

Miranda. I just think she’s brilliant. I recommend it to every person I ever speak to and either people love it as much as I do or it’s just not their cup of tea at all. It seems to be Marmite television.

Who was the last person you changed channels to avoid?

Me. It’s always me.

Name your price to appear on Strictly Come Dancing or Dancing on Ice?

It would never be about money because the problem I have is I’m horribly competitive and I turn into a real brat if I can’t do something. So I avoid board games, competitive sport, anything where I might end up shouting or looking like an idiot. I genuinely think if I did that on telly I’d never work again.

Which celebrity would you like to take to dinner?

John Nettles. It’s always been one of my dreams to be in Midsomer Murders because of John Nettles and now he’s not in it any more. So I’d take him to dinner to try and convince him to come back for one episode so I could get in there. To be honest, it’s not the show; I’ve just always had a real crush on him. I realise that’s a slightly unusual thing to (a) think and (b) admit.

Is White Van Man your first foray into comedy?

I did something called Bonkers about five years ago and a series called Fear, Stress and Anger, which were both comedies but very different styles of comedy. And this is very different again.

What’s the story?

It’s about a guy called Ollie who’s always dreamt of being a chef. However the men in his family have always had a handyman business, so when his father is ailing and unable to carry on, Ollie has to step in and save the day.

You mentioned Fear, Stress and Anger. What was it like acting alongside your father?


It was good fun. We got on really well except for this one scene in which his character had to teach me to drive. At that time I didn’t drive so he was effectively teaching me for real. We didn’t realise at the time but the crew left the tape recorder running in the car and we had a half-hour, screaming argument about the clutch. Afterwards we turned round and all of the crew were in hysterics. Apart from that it all went very well. I have since learnt to drive and only crashed once, so it’s all going all right.