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What happened on Love Island episode 29 last night? Full recap

It's all kicking off thanks to Casa Amor!

Davide, Coco and Chyna in Love Island 2022
Published: Tuesday, 5th July 2022 at 11:55 am
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We're now heading into the fifth week of Love Island and with Casa Amor in full swing, the existing line-up haven't wasted any time in getting to know the new bombshells.


While it seemed as though there were a number of strong couples in the villa before the girls left for Casa Amor, multiple heads have been turned since the new arrivals made their Love Island debut, including Dami Hope's to everyone's surprise.

With Andrew Le Page now having doubts about his partner Tasha Ghouri and setting his sights on new girl Coco while Jacques O'Neill flirts with make-up artist Mollie Salmon, the Love Island producers may need to ship in a few extra beds for when the girls return from Casa Amor – particularly since it seems Danica Taylor may have found herself a love connection after all!

Read on for everything you need to know about last night's episode of Love Island.

What happened in Love Island episode 29 last night?

After the six new girls arrived in the Love Island villa, Jay Younger set his sights on Chyna, revealing that he's looking forward to seeing her "fiery side", while over at Casa Amor, new boy George gave Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu a grilling on where she stood romantically.

"You're at the top of my list at the moment," he told her, before Ekin-Su said in a confessional that while she's open to get to know him, her heart and her mind is "in my Italian dream man".

Unfortunately, her Italian dream man (Davide Sanclimenti) was flirting with Coco back in the villa, with the graphic designer revealing that she broke up with her previous boyfriend after "he went celibate" – to which Davide responded: "Where's that?" After clearing up that misunderstanding, Davide explained his situation with Ekin-Su to Coco, saying that he is willing to give her a chance if she shows she has changed.

Meanwhile, Jacques tells Mollie that Paige Thorne is like his "best friend" but wouldn't say that his head was 100 per cent with Paige ,before revealing that he would happily share a bed with her or Cheyanne. "From day one, the only girl I've spoken to and been interested in is Paige so it's nice to actually feel interested in something else as well," he said.

Ekin-Su and George have a chat.
Ekin-Su and George have a chat. ITV

The day began to spice up when both villas took on the 'Raunchy Race' – a game in which they competed against each other by completing a series of saucy challenges.

The two groups were tasked with picking islanders to complete the fastest kiss, while other challenges included underwater snogging, toe-sucking and simulating sex positions, and although it was Casa Amor that won the game, feathers were definitely ruffled. Gemma Owen wasn't very happy knowing that Luca Bish, being the shortest boy, would have had to kiss the new girls in a few of the rounds, while Tasha was irked when working out that Andrew would have kissed all of the new islanders.

In the evening, Dami spoke to Jacques and Davide about his romantic situation, admitting that while everything he has with Indiyah Polack is "perfect", he wants to explore new connections – to the disappointment of 'Damiyah' fans.

Over in Casa Amor, Josh pulled Danica for a chat, suggesting that the two of them share a bed that night before leaning in for a kiss, while Jay and Chyna agreed to do the same. Up on the terrace, Deji asked Indiyah whether she would be open to get to know him and she said that she'll be keeping her options open but staying respectful at the same time.

Dami took more of an intimate approach with Summer, taking her to the terrace and performing his mind-reading trick before the pair shared a smooch.

That wasn't the only kiss that occurred in the Love Island villa that night, with Coco locking lips with both Davide and Andrew, who was more direct about getting to know the 27-year-old.

Love Island
Coco and Andrew shared a kiss on the terrace. ITV

The boys then called a meeting to discuss the night's events, leading to a major clash between Dami and Luca. After Luca encouraged him to invite Summer to sleep in a bed with him, Dami accused the fishmonger of being "fake" and egging on the others with a view of winning the competition.

After the pair exchanged insults, Andrew forced them to make up with Dami clarifying that he wasn't saying he was fake but that he felt Luca was acting one way with Gemma and another, more boisterous way with the boys. "I was more buzzing for the situation and you boys than actually myself," Luca said.

As the islanders settled in for the night, Andrew made moves on Coco while Davide shared a kiss with Mollie – but will they be recoupling with the new girls when Casa Amor comes to an end?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox – you can sign up for a 7-day free trial.

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