For once, the Love Island cast got to sit back, grab some popcorn and watch a film in last night's episode – although it's never a relaxing experience when it comes to the ITV2 show's Movie Night.


Yesterday's episode finally saw the return of what has become a Love Island tradition – and after the cast's Casa Amor antics, some of the islanders had a lot of catching up to do – mainly Shaq Muhammad.

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Episode 38 kicked off with Claudia Fogarty confronting Casey O'Gorman over the Knowing Me, Knowing You challenge, during which he said he'd couple up with Lana Jenkins if he wasn't with Claudia. Understandably worried that he still has feelings for his former flame, Claudia asked Casey for some reassurance that there isn't still a spark there and Casey delivered, reiterating that they're just friends.

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Meanwhile, there's even more Kai Fagan and Olivia Hawkins drama, with Kai telling Sanam Harrinanan that Olivia is a hypocrite for making such a fuss over him re-coupling and admitting that he didn't like how Tanya Manhenga handled her situation with Shaq. Soon after, Olivia pulled Kai for yet another chat to ask why he doesn't think she's genuine (maybe it's time to just agree to disagree!).

Olivia then asked him why he chose Claudia as the least genuine person instead of her, with Kai admitting that it was just a "cop-out" to avoid anymore drama between them. Once again, Olivia branded him as fake, however Kai was done with the confrontations and refused to engage any longer. Unsurprisingly, Maxwell Samuda then asked Olivia why she kept grabbing Kai for a chat and questioned whether she's actually happy with him.

They eventually talk it out, with Olivia feeling frustrated (she's not the only one!) at how no one understands why she's bothered about Kai.

Love Island
Casey reacting to his Love Island video on winter Love Island 2023. ©ITV Plc

The next morning, the islanders embraced another day in the villa, however they all noticed how the dynamic between Will Young and Jessie Wynter has changed, with there being an awkward tension between them. Jessie told Will how she noticed that none of the boys thought they were the most compatible in the challenge and is worried that they know something that she doesn't. Will tried to resassure her, however Jessie said that it's the lying that destroys her trust with him, not the fact that he had a connection with Layla Al-Momani.

Maxwell and Olivia headed on a romantic date to a treehouse, while Ron got a text informing the villa that it's officially time for Movie Night – perfect timing for Will!

Once they were settled down with their popcorn and hot dogs, it was time for the first round and after the girls won, they chose The Fact and the Curious. The film showed Casey egging on the rest of the boys in Casa Amor before kissing Sanam and asking Cynthia to share a bed with him – and Claudia was not happy with this particular showing. Angry that Casey told her that he didn't ask to share a bed with anyone, an argument erupted in the villa between the two lovers.

It was then onto the second round and after the boys won, they chose to watch Catch Me If You Tan – and if you did get it, this film was going to be all about Tanya. The video clip saw Tanya tell the girls that Shaq's reaction to the Kissing Challenge gave her the ick before we watched her flirt with Martin Akinola in Casa Amor and kiss in bed. Once again, it all kicked off, with Shaq angry that she'd told him it was just a "peck" in bed with Martin.

With Movie Night only half way through, we can expect even more drama from tonight's episode — and judging by the first-look, there will be tears from Jessie.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX. Previous seasons of Love Island are available on BritBox – you can sign up for a 7-day free trial.

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