Casey had a big decision to make on last night's episode of Love Island, after Rosie Seabrook chose to couple up with him. He'd previously been coupled up with Claudia Fogarty, however it seemed that Rosie could be just his type on paper.


And after a game of Snog, Marry, Pie, which saw a lot of pies (mainly in Casey O'Gorman's direction), he finally called it quits with Claudia.

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Episode 43 kicked off with the islanders gathering as they usually do for a morning debrief. While most of the original girls and guys chatted together, Rosie told Keanan Brand that Casey had given her a little cuddle in bed and that this would be their secret.

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Over by the fire pit, Casey chatted to Will Young and Tom Clare. He asked them who they thought he was leaning towards more, and they both said Rosie. In the afternoon, she shared a sunbed with Casey and they chatted.

“How was your workout this morning?” Rosie asked him

“Yeah it was good. Were you watching?” Casey replied.

“No," Rosie laughed, to which he said: "Then how did you know I was working out then?”

Rosie and Casey
Rosie and Casey on winter Love Island 2023. ITV

At this point, Claudia came out of the villa and could see them talking, and it was a sight for sore eyes as she told Sanam Harrinanan and Lana Jenkins that they were being "disrespectful" for sitting like that.

“She’s got in there hasn’t she? Straight away," Claudia said. "Why has she gone and sat with him laid like that? I just think it’s so disrespectful. That to me is disrespectful, watching it right in front of my eyes. Literally couldn’t be in a worse spot right now, could we?"

Casey and Rosie's sunbathing was interrupted, however, as he received a text revealing that Snog, Marry, Pie was back for another year.

The Love Island 2023 cast headed off to play the game, with the boys up first.

While Claudia had many proposals from the guys, with Keanan calling her a 'Northern Princess', it was Tanya Manhenga and Samie Elishi who received the most pies - Tanya for sending Martin Akinola home and mugging off Shaq Muhammad, and Samie for being a wind up.

When it came to Casey's turn, all eyes were on him as he opted to kiss Rosie and got down on one knee for Claudia, while admitting she "deserved better".

Casey O'Gorman
Casey O'Gorman in Snog, Marry, Pie. ITV

It was now time for the girls to have their turn and they didn't hold back, with many of them choosing to pie Casey for how he'd treated their girl Claudia, who of course gave him the biggest pie of them all.

Meanwhile, Shaq, Keanan and Tom received many proposals.

After being pied many times, Casey was feeling a little down. And it didn't help that his friends had chosen to marry Claudia in the game, despite him opening up about his feelings earlier.

He decided to pull them for a chat and they apologised. It was now time for him to be upfront with Claudia as he took her to the side and revealed that he wanted to pursue things with Rosie instead, putting an end to Clasey.

What will this mean for Claudia's time in the villa?

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