Dumped Love Island star Martin has plenty of reason to be a little bitter about how things played out between him and Tanya but he seems to be taking it all in his stride.


Martin joined the Love Island cast as one of the Casa Amor bombshell boys earlier in the season and quickly hit it off with original islander Tanya.

The pair got pretty close during the course of Casa, leaving many viewers (and Tanya herself) questioning her feelings for partner Shaq, who was back in the main villa remaining steadfastly faithful and waiting for her to come back.

Tanya ultimately made the decision to recouple with new boy Martin, bringing him back to the main villa with her – much to the disappointment of lovelorn Shaq.

However, things clearly weren't over between the original couple.

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With Tanya and Shaq eventually rekindling things, Martin was left in the lurch – and he wound up dumped from the show on Friday (24th February) when the pair officially recoupled again.

However, he isn't departing without first getting a few choice words off his chest.

Admitting he wasn't surprised to be dumped ("I was in a couple, but I've been quite single for a while"), Martin recalled his initial connection with Tanya.

Love Island stars with Martin as he leaves the villa
Love Island star Martin left the villa on Friday. ITV

"Meeting Tanya at Casa Amor was great," he said. "She’s a beautiful girl, a sweet, sweet girl as well. We had a very good thing going at Casa Amor; the connection was there, the vibes were there. It felt great to explore that.

"It was only right that we tried to continue that at the villa. Obviously that didn’t happen, but getting to know her was great. I felt like we definitely had a connection at Casa Amor.

"She followed her heart – which was fair enough – but she went about it the wrong way" Martin added. "That’s what I had a problem with. I felt like I needed to know before her little speech at the bridge. She should have told me earlier and given me a head’s up. I feel I deserved that little bit of respect. I didn’t get that. That’s why the row happened. I told her good luck and I wish her and Shaq well.

"When I left the villa as well I said good luck as I saw she felt so bad. She did what she had to do, she just went about it the wrong way really."

But the big question is: are Shaq's feelings for Tanya actually reciprocated? Well, Martin thinks not.

Asked if Tanya and Shaq are in love, he replied: "Genuinely, I think Shaq might be in love with her. But I don’t think she’s in love with him."

We wonder how this will all pan out...

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