It's all happening on ITV's Love Island.


Shannon Singh became the first contestant to be dumped from the villa on Wednesday night's show, after Chloe Burrows chose to couple up with her partner Aaron Francis.

But, fans still can't believe she's gone so soon and suspect Shannon will return to Love Island as part of a major plot twist.

So, why did Shannon Singh leave Love Island? And is she coming back?

Here's everything we know about the former glamour model.

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Shannon Singh – Key Facts

Age: 22

Job: Model

From: Fife

Instagram: @shannonsinghhh

Twitch: shannonsinghhh

Why has Shannon left Love Island?

Shannon was dumped from the villa after Chloe chose the guy she was coupled up with - Aaron. She received a text, telling her she had to pack her bags and leave immediately.

Her brutal exit sent fans into a frenzy on Twitter, as many speculated whether Shannon could be coming back.

Former Love Island star Amy Hart hinted that her exit could actually be part of a major plot twist, writing: "Shannon will get her phone back tomorrow… so if she’s not on her insta in the next few days she’s obvs in another villa #LoveIsland."

And in her exit interview, Shannon said she'd like to return to Love Island if given the chance.

Love Island 2021 Shannon
Shannon Singh was the first contestant to be dumped from the villa ITV

Why did Shannon want to take part in Love Island?

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Shannon said. “If you’re lucky enough to participate in the show, why would you not? And hopefully, meet an exciting hunk.”

The influencer was approached to take part in the show, rather than applying herself. “I literally just came out of a long term relationship, it’d been like a month or two. And I seen it in my DMs and I thought ‘Do you know what? Why not just go for it? Why not? What have you got to lose?’”

What does Shannon do for work?

Shannon was a glamour model when she was 18, something she has no regrets about.

“I loved those days, I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of, they were my glory days,” she said. “Now I’m more on Instagram/YouTube.”

Shannon is now a bona fide social media influencer, with a whopping 190,000 followers on Instagram already, a number which will only increase as the show goes on.

The model also works on OnlyFans, which she began using after the traditional glamour modelling industry began to decline. “I make good money. I think the thing people don't realise is, once I started glamour modelling, the industry kind of went kaput,” she says. “OnlyFans has got this stereotype [but] I had it when nobody knew what it was. And it was a platform for glamour girls… It gave creators more control.”

The Scottish singleton has also done a bit of commercial modelling, and says she can DJ as well.

What kind of dater is Shannon?

Shannon says she’s a “relationship kind of girl”. “I was with my ex for four and a half years. I was previously with another guy for three and a half years. All I’ve known is relationships. So I gave myself a year and a half to be single, have fun.”

The model says she spent this time figuring out what she wants, and is now looking for the real deal. “I'm looking for someone genuine, hopefully. And I'm sure there hopefully will be - just need to wait and see!”

What is Shannon looking for in a partner?

Shannon has said she’s after someone with energy who can keep up with her busy social life.

She said: “I need someone with personality. Just someone I can have fun with. I’m a party girl, I love going out, I’m very social.”

Shannon also added that it is “hard to find people who are genuine and looking for what you’re looking for”, and revealed she’s only planning to couple up with people who are a good match for her, not just because they’re convenient.

Love Island is known for its bevy of beauties and good-looking guys but Shannon is also adamant that a potential partner needs to be more than just easy on the eyes.

“Looks – obviously, they’ve got to be handsome, but if he’s a handsome hunk but it’s like talking to a brick wall and I’d rather watch paint dry, it’s not going to be great,” he said.

Like Love Island 2018’s Georgia Steel, she’s all about loyalty, and guys who mess her around will be “straight in the bin”. According to Shannon, the best way to describe her type on paper is an “old soul”.

As for her celeb crush, it might surprise you. “My celeb crush was Matthew McConaughey back in the day. He is a dream. And it's so funny because blondes aren't my tape. Like I wouldn't ever date a blonde guy, I don’t know why.”

Who knows, perhaps Matthew McConaughey will end up tuning in...

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